Offline Converter

Convert image, video, audio and document files offline in your web browser without any software downloads or file uploads! Offline converter is the opposite of online converter, it's for maximum protection of your privacy because all files are converted locally instead of cloud servers. Another advantage of offline converter is that each file size can be up to 2 GB while very few online converters support file size larger than 100 MB.

Please note some web browsers do not support or do not fully support offline converter yet. We recommend using the latest Chrome browser for Windows. Try online converter instead if this offline converter doesn't work in your web browser.


Comparison of offline converter and online converter:

COMPARISON Offline converter ( Online converter (
PRIVACY Maximum protection of your privacy because all files are converted locally Files will be uploaded to online servers to convert
FILE SIZE Up to 2 GB Up to 200 MB
TIME Unlimited Up to 10 minutes
SPEED Fast Slow
SYSTEM USAGE Occupy your computer's CPU and memory resources, may freeze your web browser occasionally Does not occupy your computer's CPU or memory resources
FILE FORMATS 110+ file formats 260+ file formats
JAVASCRIPT Up to 24 mb Less than 0.1 mb
COMPATIBILITY Only web browsers that support new technologies such as ES Modules, WebAssembly, Shared Array Buffer and Site Isolation. Support all kinds of web browsers
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